• Bluechip Athletic Solutions


    Project: To provide a unique application platform that universities with athletic programs could increase productivity when recruiting potential athletes.

    Implementation: E-interactive built an interactive web application platform operating on desktop and mobile devices which included elements such as a contact management system for coaches, NCAA compliance functions and a complete online experience for athletes with additional interactive website components designed to create a dynamic online environment between users and administrators.

    Result: The solution was so effective, Bluechip Athletic Solutions expanded their new business strategy to include additional sports programs offered at the university level. E-interactive developed custom solutions for entire athletic department programs in order to achieve business goals, driving revenue and increasing the number of potential athletic recruits for the University.

  • Symbicare


    Project: To build a prototype online platform that allowed the large physician groups to interact with their patients in a more effective manner allowing the physicians to provide better service to their patients.

    Implementation: E-interactive built a multi-tenant application was built which integrated communication tools such as email and text messaging along with social media services. The platform provided tracking and reminder tools to the physicians, administrators and patients. Desktop and Mobile views were built to better target the intended audience of each user type.

    Result: Symbicare is currently using the prototype as a tool to seek further investment to make headway into the healthcare market.

  • Creative World Awards


    Project: To build a website to provide information, process entries and payments and manage the scoring process for a script writing contest.

    Implementation: E-interactive built an online entry site with credit card payment e-commerce integration. A CMS management tool was built to allow the site administrator to make site edits and a custom script writing contest management tool. The management tool allowed the client to manage entries, score contest scripts and communicate with contestants.

    Result: Creative World Awards is one of the top 3 screen writing contests in the nation. Their success has allowed their scripts to be reviewed by major movie studios and many of the winning scripts have been produced.

  • Newby Mom


    Project: To build an self managed, online article/blog website that offered paid subscriptions for premium services. The site needed to appeal new mothers in the Northeast.

    Implementation: E-interactive built a blogging site with distinctive graphics and a custom management tool. The custom management tool allowed the administrator of the site to enter new articles, manage forums, and manage paid subscription memberships.

    Result: Newby Mom has been very successful generating revenue primarily through premium on-site advertising. They have accumulated numerous helpful and informative articles on their site.